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UMD - 3.1.0

Current State :: deployed

Distro Type :: UMD

Contact :: For further information about the UMD, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: cto (at) egi.eu.

Technical Contact :: For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this UMD release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk to make a report.

Description :: UMD 3.1.0 is the 1st update of the third Major release of UMD (Unified Middleware Distribution) made available for the EGI production infrastructure. This release contains support for both Scientific Linux 5 and 6 and also Debian 6 (Squeeze).

Release Date :: 2013-06-26 11:32:20

Major Version :: 3

Minor Version :: 1

Revision Version :: 0

Release Notes ::

This release contains the following products:
EMI Technology Provider:
Job Execution services:
CREAM LSF 2.0.2, task
  • This releases provides a new koji Make-file together with  a new make test for the perl module.
WMS  3.5.1
  • This release solves a vulnerability bug.
GLite CLUSTER 2.0.0-2 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • This release is just a repackaging of EMI-2 glite-CLUSTER components.
ARC CE 3.0.1 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • This release provides several bug fixes namely the one related with the LSF backend as well as cluster.pl and qju.pl do no cope well with "-" values.
UNICORE TSI6 5.1.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • No new functionality or bug fixes, simple repacking.
UNICORE X/6 6.0.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • The UNICORE Registry was updated to use the Common Authentication Library (CANL). Also the configuration file syntax has been unified and made more consistent. 
Client tools:
ARC Clients  3.0.1 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • This release provides some improvements in error and help messages, together with some bug fixes. Now it is possible to start jobs when using 3.0.0rc1 arc client tools and also  the incompatibility  between jobs.xml arc2.0 and 3.0 as been solved.
UNICORE Client6 6.0.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • This release provides an updated which enables the use of the Common Authentication Library (CANL). 
Parallel Job:
gLite-MPI v. 1.5.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian::
  • This release now provides the functionality of making a generic copy from remote node available for ssh and cpshared methods. 
Information Discovery, Information Model
BDII core  1.5.1 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • Bug fix release affecting all BDII flavours on which Obsolete GLUE 2 entries were never removed from the BDII. Also solves the missing symlink to the customised LDAP DB configuration file.
  • This release also contains a new version of the glue-validator and of the glue-validator-cron.
ARC Infosys  3.0.1 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • No new features have been added in this version.
  • This release provides several bug fixes one of then was the nordugrid-arc-slapd was not able to start in debian.
File Access,File Transfer,Storage Management

STORM, 1.11.1 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • This release provides the bug fixes and improvements for the StoRM services namely now StoRM correctly publishes information about storage area sizes in the information system as well as SHA-2 compliance.
ARC gridftp server  3.0.1 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • No new features or bugs fixes Simple repacking.
DPM 1.8.6-3 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • This release only provides an update of the dpm-xrootd.
UNICORE Gateway6 5.0.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • This release provides several new functionalities including the support of new credential formats: PEM, PEM pair, DER.
Information Discovery:
UNICORE Registry6 6.0.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • The UNICORE Registry was updated to use the Common Authentication Library (CANL).
Attribute Authority:
UNICORE XUUDB 2.0.0 released in SL5, SL6 and Debian:
  • This release provides support  for dynamic mapping of Grid users to local accounts, using pools of pregenerated uids/gids or scripts creating accounts on the fly. Product uses common UNICORE libraries for authentication and HTTP server setup. Therefore it supports the same options as all other UNICORE 6.6 for configuring truststores, credentials and HTTP server. Among others directory truststore, openssl-like truststore and PEM credentials are supported.
Credential Management:
glite-proxyrenewal 1.3.32 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • No new functionalities and now the self authorization option for MyProxy is now supported by the YAIM configurator.
  • The dependency on yaim was solved on Debian.
L & B 4.0.9 released in both SL5 and SL6:
  • This release provides a bugfix regarding the addresses of several distinct issues relating to nagios probe customization, proper handling of rarely used authorization roles, and purging of jobs from the L&B Proxy.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-3:UMD-3.1.0

Installation Notes :: All products in the UMD 3.1.0 release were verified against EGI's current Quality Criteria (for further information, please see the documentation links) to support 64 bit Scientific Linux 5 and Scientific Linux 6 (x86_64 processor architecture). Some products are also supported in 64 bit Debian 6 (squeeze).  Installation and configuration notes are available in the EGI repository.

Known Issues :: Details containing known issues and workarounds found in EGI verification and staged rollout are collected in https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-3:UMD-3.1.0

Change LOG :: This releases includes updates for the following products:

Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/3

Created :: 2013-06-21 12:13:11

Last Update :: 2013-06-26 11:33:41

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UNICORE TSI65.1.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/UNICORE TSI65.1.0.html
UNICORE Client66.0.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/UNICORE Client66.0.0.html
UNICORE Registry66.0.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/UNICORE Registry66.0.0.html
UNICORE XUUDB2.0.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/UNICORE XUUDB2.0.0.html
UNICORE Gateway65.0.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/UNICORE Gateway65.0.0.html
CREAM LSF module2.0.2https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/CREAM LSF module2.0.2.html
ARC CE3.0.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/ARC CE3.0.1.html
ARC core3.0.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/ARC core3.0.1.html
ARC Clients3.0.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/ARC Clients3.0.1.html
ARC InfoSys3.0.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/ARC InfoSys3.0.1.html
ARC gridftp server3.0.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/ARC gridftp server3.0.1.html
BDII core1.5.1https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/BDII core1.5.1.html