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UMD - 1.4.0

Current State :: deployed

Distro Type :: UMD

Contact :: For further information about the UMD, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: cto (at) egi.eu.

Technical Contact :: For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this UMD release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk to make a report

Description ::

UMD 1.4.0 is the fifth release of UMD-1 (Unified Middleware Distribution) made available for the EGI production infrastructure. This release contains only the most critical products from EGI's Technology Providers as agreed by the TCB (Technology Coordination Board) on behalf of the EGI community.

Release Date :: 2011-12-19 12:08:42

Major Version :: 1

Minor Version :: 4

Revision Version :: 0

Release Notes ::

This release contains the following product updates, with MPI  Utils added for Parallel Job support:

gLite Platform (Provided by EMI):
  • Compute services:
    • MPI Utils 1.1.0
    • GFAL/lcg_util v.1.11.19
  • Storage services:
    • StoRM 1.8.0 
  • Operations services:
    • APEL publisher 3.2.8
  • Client tools:
    • GFAL/lcg_util v.1.11.19 (re-used in compute services)
Globus platform (Provided by IGE):
  • Default security 5.0.4-2 (commonly used across all services)
  • GridFTP 5.0.4-2 (File Transfer)
  • RLS 5.0.4-2 (Metadata Catalogue) 
  • GSISSH 4.3.3 (Interactive Job Access)
  • MyProxy 5.4.4 (Credential Management)
Additional Details containing known issues and workarounds found in EGI verification and staged rollout are collected in UMD-1:UMD-1.4.0

Updates for APEL parsers, GE Utils, CEMon, BLAH and CREAM will be included in a later UMD release to a memory leak found in BLAH.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/w/index.php?title=UMD-1:UMD-1.4.0

Installation Notes ::

This is the fifth release of the UMD-1 that is made available for EGI's production infrastructure.  All products in the UMD 1.4.0 release were verified against EGI's current Quality Criteria (for further information, please see the documentation links) to support 64 bit Scientific Linux 5 (x86_64 processor architecture). 

Installation notes and known issues are collected on a per-product basis, and are available in the EGI Wiki.  When browsing the EGI Repository, each product available in this release will provide a link to the respective entry in the mentioned Wiki space, providing specific information about any issues discovered during Verification and/or StagedRollout.

Known Issues ::

As this is the fifth release of UMD-1, and uses a different structure than previous releases of new products, each product must be installed from scratch as in-place updates are not supported for non UMD releases.  If you are upgrading from previous UMD releases (1.3.0 or earlier) then in-place upgrades are supported.
Please consult the product specific installation instructions provided by EMI, the Technology Provider delivering the components in this release.

Additional installation notes and known issues are collected on a per-product base, and are available in the EGI Wiki (see Additional Details for more information).

Change LOG :: This release introduces MPI Utils and a number of updates of previously released products which are summarised below; more details are provided in the individual product release announcements referenced in the product overview table at the end of this UMD release announcement.

Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/1

Created :: 2011-12-12 10:51:12

Last Update :: 2011-12-19 13:18:57

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gLite MPI1.1.0https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/gLite MPI1.1.0.html
Globus Default Security5.0.5https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/Globus Default Security5.0.5.html
Globus GridFTP5.0.5https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/Globus GridFTP5.0.5.html
Globus RLS5.0.5https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/Globus RLS5.0.5.html
Globus GSISSH4.3.3https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/Globus GSISSH4.3.3.html
APEL publisher3.2.8https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/APEL publisher3.2.8.html
Globus MyProxy5.4.4https://repository.egi.eu/static/SW/Globus MyProxy5.4.4.html