Release: UMD-4.10.2


The UMD 4.10.2 is a fix release of UMD 4. It includes fixes for HTCondor and CERN Frontier.

Contact Info

For further information about the distribution, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: operations (at)

Technical Contact Info

For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk to make a report.

Release Notes

This release contains updates for HTCondor and CERN Frontier, CentOS7 only.

Additional Details

Installation Notes

All products in UMD 4.10.2 were verified against EGI's current Quality Criteria. Installation and configuration notes are available in the EGI repository.

Known Issues

Please visit for known issues.

Change Log

This release contains updates for HTCondor and CERN Frontier.

Repository URL

UMD-4.10.2 Products
ProductPlatforms SupportedProvided By
condor 8.8.8centos7/x86_64CHTC
squid 4.10.3centos7/x86_64, sl6/x86_64CERNFRONTIER

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