Release: CMD-ONE-1.0.0

CMD-ONE 1.0.0 (CMD for OpenNebula) is the first major release of the Cloud Middleware Distribution, targeted for use with OpenNebula 5. It contains packages for CentOS7 only.

Contact Info
For further information about the distribution, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: cto (at)

Technical Contact Info
For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk ( to make a report.

Release Notes
This release contains the following products:

  • oneacct 0.4.6-1 - tool for exporting accounting data from OpenNebula into APEL
  • rOCCI-server -   A server implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface
  • APEL-SSM - Secure STOMP Messenger
  • cloudkeeper -  A tool to synchronize cloud appliances between AppDB and cloud platforms
  • cloudkeeper-one - OpenNebula backend for cloudkeeper
  • gridsite -  set of extensions to the Apache web server and a toolkit for Grid credentials, GACL access control lists and HTTP(S) protocol operations
  • cloud-bdii-infoprovider - generates a representation of cloud resources, that can be published inside a BDII or any other component like the INDIGO Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • rOCCI-client -  A client implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface

Additional Details

Installation Notes
All products in CMD-ONE 1.0.0 were verified against EGI's current Quality Criteria. Installation and configuration notes are available in the EGI repository.

Known Issues
The version of rOCCI-server shipped with this CMD-ONE release (1.1.9) still requires Perun scripts for FedCloud to be installed manually.

In the future this integration will no longer be supported, and as a consequence the corresponding versions of rOCCI-server will no longer need these script.

Also, please visit for more details on known issues.

Change Log
This is the first version of the first major release of CMD-ONE (CMD for OpenNebula 5).

Repository URL

CMD-ONE-1.0.0 Products
ProductPlatforms SupportedProvided By
cmd-one-release 1.0.0centos7/x86_64UMD
oneacct 0.4.6centos7/x86_64CESNET
rocci-server 1.1.9centos7/x86_64CESNET
cloudkeeper 1.5.0centos7/x86_64CESNET
cloudkeeper-one 1.2.4centos7/x86_64CESNET
GridSite 2.3.3centos7/x86_64CESNET
cloud-info-provider 0.8.3centos7/x86_64INFOPROVIDER
rocci-cli 4.3.9centos7/x86_64CESNET
Canl 2.2.7centos7/x86_64CESNET
voms 3.0.7centos7/x86_64INFN
passenger 5.1.8centos7/x86_64PASSENGER
apel-ssm 2.1.7centos7/x86_64APEL
gSOAP 2.8.16centos7/x86_64EPEL

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