Release: UMD-3.13.0

UMD 3.13.0 is the fourteenth update, a minor update, of the third Major release of UMD (Unified Middleware Distribution) made available for the EGI production infrastructure. This release contains support for both Scientific Linux 5 and 6.

Contact Info
For further information about the UMD, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: cto (at)

Technical Contact Info
For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this UMD release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk to make a report.

Release Notes
This release contains the following products.

Compute Capabilities, Job Execution Capability, Parallel Job Capability

CREAM 1.16.5 (SL6 only)

This version of CREAM fixes several bugs, see for more details.

Accounting Capability, Operations Capabilities

APEL 1.4.1

Added ability to process files compressed with bzip2. Added multiplier retrieval to GridEngine parser for CPU and wall-clock time. Fixed integer overflow when loading normalised summaries into APEL servers. Corrected the way some logging calls were made and reduced the logging level when trying to purge a directory that isn't empty. Changed server authorization system to keep the list of DNs for a limited time if unable to update from GOCDB and updated GOCDB query URL. Added Month and Year columns to primary key of CloudSummaries table in cloud schema.

See for more.

Client Capabilities, Client Tools Capability

srm-ifce 1.22.1

This update for SRM-IFCE contains one improvement and some bug fixes. Please have a look at for further details.

Authentication Capability, Authorization Capability, Security Capabilities

gLExec 1.2.3

This release of gLEXEC contains lcmaps-plugins-c-pep 1.3.0-1, with the following improvements:

implement support for multiple endpoints (either round-robin, round-robin with random startpoint or fully random)
number of improvements in the logging
check for unhandled obligations in the response. *A full list of changes can be found in the NEWS file in the package

Please refer to for a complete reference.

File Access Capability, File Transfer Capability, Storage Capabilities, Storage Management Capability

StoRM server 1.11.8

This release fixes a critical issue that prevented the proper cleanup of PtP requests state after an srmRm was called on a SURL. As a consequence, a SURL could remain stuck and it would be impossible to perform other PtPs on that SURL without cleaning the database state by hand. All sites should upgrade to 1.11.8 at their earliest convenience to avoid being affected by this issue.

This release also provides other fixes and improvements as can be seen from the individual components release notes. Please refer to for further details.

dpm-xroot 3.5.2

Please refer to for further details.

XRootD 4.1.1

The complete list of the improvements and bug fixes can be read at the following link:

CVMFS 2.1.20

Version 2.1.20 contains a number of new features and several bugfixes. Please refer to for further details.

Frontier Squid 2.7.24

Please refer to for details on the new version of Frontier Squid.

cas, Miscellaneous

fetch-crl 3.0.16

Several important fixes are available with this fetch-crl update, information available at

GFAL 2.8.4

This release fixes several bugs, please see for details.


Please have a look at for details on the new version of this package.

Additional Details

Installation Notes
All products in the UMD 3.13.0 release were verified against EGI's current  Quality Criteria (for further information, please see the documentation links) to support Scientific Linux 5 and Scientific Linux 6 (x86_64 processor architecture).  Installation and configuration notes are available in the EGI repository.

Known Issues
Details containing known issues and workarounds found in EGI verification and
staged rollout are collected in:

Change Log
This release includes updates for the following products:

  • CREAM 1.16.5 (SL6 only)
  • APEL 1.4.1
  • srm-ifce 1.22.1
  • GFAL 2.8.4
  • GFAL2-PYTHON 1.7.1
  • gLExec 1.2.3
  • StoRM server 1.11.8
  • dpm-xroot 3.5.2
  • XRootD 4.2.0
  • CVMFS 2.1.20
  • Frontier Squid 2.7.24
  • fetch-crl 3.0.16

Repository URL

UMD-3.13.0 Products
ProductPlatforms SupportedProvided By
cream 1.16.5sl6/x86_64EMI
apel 1.4.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64APEL
srm-ifce 1.22.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
gLexec 1.2.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64GLEXEC
storm 1.11.8sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64INFN
Gfal2 2.8.4sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64GFAL2
dpm-xroot 3.5.2sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64DPM
xroot 4.1.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
cvmfs 2.1.20sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64CERNVM
gfal2-python 1.7.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
squid 2.7.24sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64CERNFRONTIER
fetch-crl 3.0.16sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
python-daemon 1.5.2sl5/x86_64EMI

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