Release: UMD-3.3.0

UMD 3.3.0 is the third update of the third Major release of UMD (Unified Middleware Distribution) made available for the EGI production infrastructure. This release contains support for both Scientific Linux 5 and 6 and also Debian 6 (Squeeze).

Contact Info
For further information about the UMD, its goals and surrounding processes, and more information about how to engage as a Technology Provider with EGI, please send an Email to: cto (at)

Technical Contact Info
For any bugs and issues you encounter that are not described in the release notes of this UMD release, or the related documentation provided by the Technology Providers, please visit the EGI Helpdesk to make a report.

Release Notes

This release contains the following products:
EMI Technology Provider:Job Execution
Job Execution:
CREAM 1.16.2 released in SL5 and SL6:
  • This release provides some bugfixes name to the need of services restart after configuring with yaim.
CREAM TORQUE module, v. 2.1.1 released in SL5 and SL6:
  • This release provides a fix for the Wrong time format for MaxWallClockTime and Bad timezone format.
ARC-CE v. 3.0.3 released in SL5 and SL6:
  • This is a bug fix release, addressing problems with the ARC data tools and dCache HTTPS in addition to a backlog of older minor bugfixes.
BLAH v. 1.20.3 released in Sl5 and Sl6:
  • Fixed the problem with memory requirements.
Job Scheduling:
GridWay v. 5.14.1 released in Sl5, Sl6 and debian:
  • This is a revision release in order to resolve file conflicts between packages.
Client tools:
UNICORE HILA v. 2.4.1 released in SL5, SL6 and debian:
  • This is a minor release but it introduces a backward incompatibility with previous versions. This version among several bug fixes it also provides support for EMI_authlib,  service discovery through EMIR and a new improved EMI-ES support interoperable with EMI-ES implementations of ARC, CREAM, and UNICORE.
CanL v. 2.1.4 released in SL5, SL6 and debian:
  • This is a hotfix for a bug whereby the type of proxy to sign whas erroneously hard-coded to a single value for different types of proxies, most importantly affecting RFC proxies.
Storage management:
DPM v. 1.8.7-3 released in SL5 and SL6:
  • This release among several bug fixes introduces the database connection pooling. This release also contains important enhancements for DAV and the dpm-xrootd which now uses the DMLITE library .
Information System:
BDII-CORE v. 1.5.4 released both in SL5 and SL6:
  • New version of glue-validator that will be validated by EGI for integration with the production Nagios infrastructure. 
BDII-TOP v. 1.1.3 
  • New version containing a bug fix in the ldap information provider that was preventing to publish some sites when the top BDII was performing slowly. The release also contains a minor fix in the glite-info-plugin-delayed-delete-status plugin.
Credential Management:
ProxyRenewal v. 1.0.24-1 released in SL5 and SL6:
  • This is a bugfix release fixing memory handling issues and also minor packaging issues.
Unicore-Uvos v. 1.6.0 released in SL5, SL6 and debian:
  • This is the first release in the UMD-3. UVOS is a component that acts as an  information point and organises entities within a hierarchical group structure.

Additional Details

Installation Notes
All products in the UMD 3.3.0 release were verified against EGI's current Quality Criteria (for further information, please see the documentation links) to support 64 bit Scientific Linux 5 and Scientific Linux 6 (x86_64 processor architecture). Some products are also supported in 64 bit Debian 6 (squeeze).  Installation and configuration notes are available in the EGI repository.

Known Issues

Details containing known issues and workarounds found in EGI verification and staged rollout are collected in:

Change Log

This releases includes updates for the following products:
  • Arc-ce
  • Blah
  • Bdii-core
  • Bdii-top
  • CanL 
  • cream-torque
  • Cream-CE 
  • ProxyRenewal
  • Dpm
  • Gridway
  • unicore-hila
  • unicore-uvos

Repository URL

UMD-3.3.0 Products
ProductPlatforms SupportedProvided By
CREAM Torque module 2.1.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
PX 1.3.34sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
ARC CE 3.0.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
GridWay 5.14.1debian6/amd64, sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64IGE
DPM 1.8.7sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
BDII core 1.5.4sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
CREAM 1.16.2sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
BLAH 1.20.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
BDII top 1.1.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
GridSite 2.1.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
LFC 1.8.7sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
EMI WN 3.0.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
dcache 2.47.8sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
VOMS-SERVER 2.0.11sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
WMS 3.6.1sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
VOMS 3.0.4sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
GFAL/lcg_util 1.16.0sl6/x86_64EPEL
emi-ui 3.0.3sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EPEL
CANL 2.2.0debian6/amd64, sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
UNICORE UVOS 1.6.0debian6/amd64, sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
UNICORE HILA 2.4.1debian6/amd64, sl5/x86_64, sl6/x86_64EMI
globus-gsi 1.8.8sl5/x86_64EPEL

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