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rocci-server - 1.1.9

Current State :: Production

Contact :: parak@cesnet.cz

Technical Contact :: parak@cesnet.cz

Description :: OCCI (the Open Cloud Computing Interface) is a standard defined by the Open Grid Forum, specifying a protocol and API to perform various remote management tasks in clouds. The rOCCI-server extends cloud managers, which are not OCCI-compliant natively, with its own OCCI interface. It is based on the rOCCI (Ruby OCCI) Framework.

Release Date :: 20161120

Major Version :: 1

Minor Version :: 1

Revision Version :: 9

Release Notes :: https://appdb.egi.eu/store/software/rocci.server/releases/1.1.x/v1.1.9-1/

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/CMD-ONE-1:CMD-ONE-1.0.0#cesnet.rocci-server.centos7.x86_64

Change LOG :: N/A

Repository URL :: sw/production/cmd-one/1/centos7/x86_64/base

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