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dCache - 1.9.13

Current State :: Production

Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Technical Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Description :: dCache is a distributed storage solution. It organises storage across computers so the combined storage can be used without the end-users being aware of where their data is stored. They simply see a large amount of storage.

Release Date :: 20110901

Major Version :: 1

Minor Version :: 9

Revision Version :: 13

Release Notes :: What's new: We completing the transition to the new configuration system and improved the script to migrate old configurations. We also replaced the pin manager with a faster and more robust implementation. Other changes were: Extending the the dCache script, HTTP support to third party srmCopy transfers, proxy certificate and VOMS support to the HTTP/WebDAV door, reducing file open latency, gPlazma 2 with ARGUS black listing (missing from initial release). Installation and configuration: Just do a yum update and restart dCache. Please see the release notes for incompatibilities with version of dCache before EMI (before 1.9.12-2) Known issues: There is one open GGUS ticket regarding some minor changes in the documentation. This ticket is already worked on and will be finished soon.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-1:UMD-1.2.0#emi.dcache.sl5.x86_64

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Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/1/sl5/x86_64/updates

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