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apel-ssm - 2.1.7

Current State :: Production

Contact :: apel-admins@stfcnospamplease.ac.uk

Technical Contact :: apel-admins@stfcnospamplease.ac.uk

Description :: Secure Stomp Messenger (SSM) is designed to simply send messages using the STOMP protocol. Messages are signed and may be encrypted during transit. Persistent queues should be used to guarantee delivery.

Release Date :: 20170116

Major Version :: 2

Minor Version :: 1

Revision Version :: 7

Release Notes :: Added a delay when receiver is reconnecting to improve reliability. Improved the log output for SSM receivers so that there are fewer trivial entries and so it's more useful in tracking messages on the filesystem.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/CMD-ONE-1:CMD-ONE-1.0.0#apel.apel-ssm.centos7.x86_64

Change LOG :: https://github.com/apel/ssm/blob/2.1.7-1/CHANGELOG

Repository URL :: sw/production/cmd-one/1/centos7/x86_64/base

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