Current State :: Production

Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Technical Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Description :: http://unicore-dev.zam.kfa-juelich.de/documentation/xuudb-2.0.0/manual.html

Release Date :: 20130311

Major Version :: 2

Minor Version :: 0

Revision Version :: 0

Release Notes :: What's new Support for dynamic mapping of Grid users to local accounts, using pools of pregenerated uids/gids or scripts creating accounts on the fly. The product database layer was refactored. In effect MySQL is supported out of the box and support for other RDBMSes can be added with a minimal effort. XUUDB was updated to use a common configuration subsystem of UNICORE. This provides, among others: strict type checking of values, recognition of unknown (misspelled) properties and improved logging. Configuration file syntax was changed. Product uses common UNICORE libraries for authentication and HTTP server setup. Therefore it supports the same options as all other UNICORE 6.6 for configuring truststores, credentials and HTTP server. Among others directory truststore, openssl-like truststore and PEM credentials are supported. Documentation was greatly extended and improved.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-3:UMD-3.1.0#emi.unicore-xuudb.sl5.x86_64

Change LOG :: http://www.eu-emi.eu/releases/emi-3-montebianco/products/-/asset_publisher/5dKm/content/unicore-xuudb-2#RfC

Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/3/sl5/x86_64/updates

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