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UMD-3 Repository Configuration - 3.0.1

Current State :: Production

Contact :: cto@egi.eu

Technical Contact :: cto@egi.eu

Description :: UMD-3 Configuration File Signing Test

Release Date :: 20130514

Major Version :: 3

Minor Version :: 0

Revision Version :: 1

Release Notes :: This package includes the Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) release file and the needed repository configuration. Includes repository definition for: - EGI-trustanchors repository - UMD-3 base repository - UMD-3 updates repository - UMD-3 Testing repository Additionally it requires the existence of the EPEL repository definition which could be provided by an OS package or from EPEL itself. Finally it installs and configures yum-priorities according to UMD requirements. Installation Guide: Distribution specific installation guide: Scientific Linux: Tested on "Scientific Linux SL release 5.6 (Boron)" - Installing the umd-release RPM adds all missing repositories that are needed for the installation of UMD products.

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-3:UMD-3.7.0#egi.umd-release.sl6.x86_64

Change LOG :: N/A

Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/3/sl6/x86_64/updates

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