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ARC gridftp server - 1.0.1

Current State :: Production

Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Technical Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Description :: The ARC middleware implements a scalable, production quality dynamic distributed information system. The ARC information system has been deployed and being used in a large scale production environment since May 2002. As of writing, the information system aggregates 70 resources providing Globus ToolkitTM40 thousand CPUs and serves Globus ToolkitTM400 thousand jobs per month.

Release Date :: 20110804

Major Version :: 1

Minor Version :: 0

Revision Version :: 1

Release Notes :: What's new: * Medium priority bug fixed: o 2536 gridftpd doesn't work when arc.conf is a symlink Deployment notes: * This release does not introduce any changes in the deployment procedures described in ARC gridftp documentation

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-1:UMD-1.2.0#emi.arc-gridftp.sl5.x86_64

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Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/1/sl5/x86_64/updates

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