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ARC Core - 1.0.1

Current State :: Production

Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Technical Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Description :: The Hosting Environment Daemon (HED) is the container of all the functional components of the next generation of the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware on the server side. It is the central part in a new very lightweight incarnation of ARC that is aimed at - but not limited to - providing Web Service.

Release Date :: 20110804

Major Version :: 1

Minor Version :: 0

Revision Version :: 1

Release Notes :: What's new * High priority bugs fixed: o 2491 2.6 python bindings for RH5 * Medium priority bugs fixed: o 2455 arc1 fails to compile with recent libxml2 and xmlsec o 2507 arc* commands inconsistent behaviour between each other o 2405 gridftp dmc is not using anonymous as the default for plain ftp. * Less urgent bugs fixed: o 2497 Inconsistent CA packages installation instruction o 2403 arc.conf.template refers to arc server but is in package nordugrid-arc-client o 2407 No check for Python.h is made in ./configure, but the python bindings are built o 2451 autogen.sh fails on SLC5 Deployment notes: New package nordugrid-arc-python26-1.0.1-0.rc4.el5.x86_64.rpm has been added. Otherwise this release does not introduce any changes in the deployment procedures described in ARC documentation

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-1:UMD-1.2.0#emi.arc-core.sl5.x86_64

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Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/1/sl5/x86_64/updates

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