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ARC Clients - 3.0.1

Current State :: Production

Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Technical Contact :: cristina.aiftimiei@pd.infn.it

Description :: The ARC middleware by NorduGrid is a software solution that uses grid technologies to enable sharing and federation of computing and storage resources distributed across different administrative and application domains. ARC is used to create grid infrastructures of various scope and complexity, from campus to national grids.

Release Date :: 20130430

Major Version :: 3

Minor Version :: 0

Revision Version :: 1

Release Notes :: Improvements in error and help messages, some bug fixes, see the list below. Immediate priority bug fixes: 2995 unable to stat jobs when using 3.0.0rc1 arc client tools 3015 jobs.xml incompatibility between arc2.0 and 3.0 High priority bug fixes: 3073 arcsub crashes when submitting a job using adl

Additional Details :: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/UMD-3:UMD-3.1.0#emi.arc-clients.sl5.x86_64

Change LOG :: http://www.eu-emi.eu/releases/emi-3-monte-bianco/updates/-/asset_publisher/5Na8/content/update-3-30-04-2013-v-3-2-0-1#List_of_RfC_AN5

Repository URL :: sw/production/umd/3/sl5/x86_64/updates

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