Community driven software and products released through the EGI Software Repository:

  • GLUE2 BDII info provider for cloud services. More info here:
  • compss.framework: COMP Superscalar (COMPSs) programming framework
  • dcache.server: dCache is a distributed mass storage system.
  • keystone.voms: This module provides VOMS authentication to an OpenStack Keystone.
  • one.integration: A set of metapackages for integrating OpenNebula into EGI Federated Cloud
  • oneacct.export: Tool for exporting OpenNebula accounting data into APEL format
  • ooi: OCCI implementation for OpenStack
  • pakiti: Patch monitoring service
  • pmes.framework: Service for the deployment of COMPSs applications and services in distributed infrastructures
  • preview.repository: Middleware ready to install as relased by the products teams
  • python.glancepush: Pushes updated subscribed images from vmcatcher to glance, using Openstack Python API
  • rocci.cli: A client implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface in Ruby.
  • rocci.server: A server implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface in Ruby.
  • Emergency fixes from the Software Vulnerability Group.
  • unicore.vo.service: UNICORE VO service allows VO management for large distributed systems.
  • wlcg.vobox: WLCG VOBOX meta-package.