Community Release: caso 1.4.0

Release Notes

  • We introduce a new option allowing to limit the outgoing message size. The max_size option will limit the number of messages, default is 100.
  • We now use properties for the duration calculation. When creating a record, the durations are calculated using properties, therefore no  calculations are needed outside the record.
  •  The duration reported for a server was negative in some cases. This was due to a couple of things. First of all, when some actions are performed on a server (resize, rebuild, evacuate), the server’s start time is reset to the action’s timestamp. Secondly, the way the nova API handles the changes-since and servers.list() calls and filters were not returing some servers, we now handle this as well.
  • When we were requesting old records (i.e. a republish) the server’s status was set to ”complete”, however this was wrong, it has to be started.
  • Upgrading to this version requires a complete republishing of all records.

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