EGI Core Trust Anchor Distribution 1.92.1

Trust anchors endores by the foundation

Release Notes
European Grid Infrastructure EGI Trust Anchor release 1.92          2018.06.25

   For release DOCUMENTATION available on this EGI Trust Anchor release see   

This is the EGI Trust Anchor release, based on the updated IGTF Accredited CA
distribution version 1.92-1 with Classic, SLCS and MICS profiles, encoded in
meta-package "ca-policy-egi-core-1.92-1" (new installs) and "lcg-CA-1.92-1"
(for sites upgrading from EGEE/JSPG releases).

  Sites that need compliance with the WLCG policy should install BOTH packages,
  or you will miss out the CERN WLCG IOTA CA specific exception. Details, see:

  With the introduction of combined assurance/adequacy, the EGEE compatibility
  RPM (lcg-CA) can no longer be supported, and -when still installed- will be
  obsoleted. The proper dependency packages are: ca-policy-_body_-_class_ and
  these have been installed automatically as dependencies since 2010.

  Release 1.89 introduced support for differentiated assurance in the EGI 
  trust fabric infrastructure in the form of an additional trust anchor
  meta-package, which replaces the specific policy mechanism described above.
  Please review the documentation for the new software that will be needed
  to support differentiated assurance and the Collaborative Assurance Model.
  We ask for your support in implementing the requisite changes, and deploy
  new trust anchor meta-packages and the new local policies only in unison.

The following notices are republished from the IGTF, inasfar as pertinent to
this release. Details are found in the newsletter

Changes from 1.91 to 1.92
(25 Jun 2018)

* Added HKU CA 2 trust anchor during transitioning period (HK)

The CA modifications encoded in both "requires" and "obsoletes" clauses (RPM)
and Conflicts/Replaced clauses (Debian)  have been incorporated in the above-
mentioned meta-packages.  This release is best enjoyed with  fetch-crl v3  or 
better, available from GNU/Linux OS add-on repositories Fedora, EPEL, Debian,
and from the IGTF at

Version information: ca-policy-egi-core = 1.92-1


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