Community Release: compss.framework 1.3

Release Notes

New features:
  • Runtime:
    • Persistent workers: workers can be deployed on computing nodes and persist during all the application lifetime, reducing runtime overhead.
    • Previous implementation of workers based on a per task process is still supported.
    • Enhanced logging system.
    • Interoperable communication layer: different inter-nodes communication protocol is supported by implementing the Adaptor interface (JavaGAT and NIO implementations already included).
    • Simplified cloud connectors interface.
    • New JClouds connector.
  • Python:
    • Added constraints support
    • Enhanced methods support
    • Lists accepted as a tasks’ parameter type
    • Support for user decorators
  • Tools:
    • New monitoring tool: with new views, as workload and possibility of visualizing information about previous runs
    • Enhanced Tracing mechanism
  • Simplified execution scripts
  • Simplified installation on Supercomputers
  For further information please refer to COMPSs User Manual: Application development

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