Community Release: pmes.framework 2.3.2

Release Notes


Implemented features:
  * PMES Service:
	  - PMES is now using the Metro 2.3 libs.
       	  - The JobInstance has been extended to hold the price of the job.
	  - The tracing feature has been extended to adapt to the new COMPSs tracing system (using extrae BSC tool).
	  - Integrate PMES service to a database backend allowing:
   	         - To enable PMES to authenticate with user & passwords defined on the database.
		 - The Job Manager use the database to to handle the system jobs.
		 - To keep a job accounting table to keep the job execution details.
		 - The PMES to recover from a system failure by resubmitting the unfinished jobs and cleaning the system scheduler.

          - Improvements on the management of the static pool of resources:
                 - The system deletes now the old alive static VMs if there is any when PMES boots up from a previous failure.
                 - Enhanced fault tolerance mechanisms, re-creating the static resources that becomes unavailable.

  * PMES-GUI enhancements:
          - Created new System menu showing information about the global resource consumption and the build and version number of the system.
          - Created a new view to aggregate accounting information allowing to export data in CSV.
          - Improved GUI user registration view adding a password strength and password matching validation.
          - Enhanced the job submission allowing to change the job requirements dynamically.
          - Added tracing, language and classpath options on job configuration dialog.
          - Added the possibility to zip files during the stage phase.
          - Improved GUI monitoring information:
                 - Job timming information: Elapsed time, wallclock remaining time, etc.
                 - COMPSs job progress: Total of tasks, in-progress, completed, % of completion.
                 - Direct link to the COMPSs monitor.

  * PMES Cloud connectors: 
	  - Added Guava cache on connectors, reducing the response time on the Cloud front-end requests.
	  - The ROCCI connector has been updated to work with the occi-cli 4.5.2 version. 
	  - The EMOTIVE Cloud connector has been deprecated.
  * Enhancements distribution packaging (scripts, packages, ...):
	  - Generated the pmes-db script to manage PMES service database, allowing to:
		 - Backup and restore the service database.
		 - Clean the service database.
		 - List database information.
	  - Added an start-stop script (pmes-framework) to allow the linux distro to manage the service.
          - Added packages support SuSe-like distributions.

  * Solved GUI bugs on job resubmission.
  * Solved GUI issues on the monitoring view.
  * Solved bugs on classifyMachines method on ROCCI connector.


Please find more details about the PMES framework at:

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