Description (as given by provider)
HiLA is a convenient toolkit for building web interfaces or command line environments for Grids, and is used by the DESHL suite of tools developed in the JRA7 activity of the DEISA project. In the A-WARE project, we are using HiLA as the basis for a Grid agent component to be plugged into a service bus, which is then used as for building higher-level orchestration services for Grids. HiLA is an API for accessing Grid resources of different middleware in a consistent manner. It has been implemented for UNICORE versions 5 and 6, and an OGSA-BES implementation is also available. HiLA is in use in various places in different Grid access libraries. The DEISA Services for Heterogeneous management Layer (DESHL) has been implemented using HiLA right from the start. This severely eased the shift to UNICORE 6, as HiLA provides the same interface for both middlewares. In the German AeroGrid project [aerogrid], a JavaGAT adaptor has been implemented on top of HiLA, thus enabling the use of UNICORE 5 and UNICORE 6 through GAT and this adaptor.


Technology Provider
European Middleware Initiative

Supported Capabilities
Client Tools

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For support please create a ticket in GGUS (ggus.eu)
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