WMS 3.3.6

Description (as given by provider)
The Workload Management System (WMS) comprises a set of Grid middleware components responsible for the distribution and management of tasks across Grid resources, in such a way that applications are conveniently, efficiently and effectively executed. The specific kind of tasks that request computation are usually referred to as "jobs". In the WMS, the scope of tasks needs to be broadened to take into account other kinds of resources, such as storage or network capacity. This change of definition is mainly due to the move from batch-like activity to applications with more demanding requirements in areas like data access or interactivity, both with the user and with other tasks. The WMS will broaden its scope accordingly.


Technology Provider
European Middleware Initiative

Supported Capabilities
Job Scheduling

Available inSupport
For support please create a ticket in GGUS (ggus.eu)
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