GFAL/lcg_util 1.12.0

Description (as given by provider)
The Grid File Access Library (GFAL) is a library that offers to the user a POSIX-like interface to access data on various flavours of Storage Elements offering an SRM interface. GFAL is interfaced to SRM-compliant back-ends (both v1.1 and v2.2) and storage systems such as Castor, dCache or DPM in which case the relevant protocol is used transparently behind the scenes. Using information published in the information system, it resolves relevant abstract domain data/file names so that the physical data access as well as the end-points of services are achievable transparently. It allows and unifies access to various types of items such as: LFN, GUID, SURL, SRM and TURL or local path. In addition, some of the crucial, yet common, backend calls are exposed through the library so that users are not limited to POSIX mapping to do specific calls e.g. to reserve space or pin a file. The pluggable architecture of the library permits dynamic change of the versions of some of the supported protocols (i.e. rfio, dCache) without need of redeployment. lcg_utils was used to create Grid equivalents of UNIX copy commands and file registration that can span two storage systems and catalogues of choice (i.e. LFC, EDG). Other functions have been implemented, such as getting the list of file replicas from many sources, performing lookups on LFNs or GUIDs, changing the status of the file or finally removing it from the Grid. The choice of commands implemented was user driven and is often on the first frontier for the Grid user or Grid testers. lcg_utils is both the C library and simple command-line programs based on this library. It consists of 16 calls and Unix command line programs wrapping them.


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European Middleware Initiative

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