APEL parsers 1.0.1

Description (as given by provider)
APEL (Accounting Processor for Event Logs) is a tool that gathers CPU accounting information by parsing batch system and blah accounting log files and inserts it into a local MySQL database. APEL then publishes the data into a centralised repository. APEL is composed of two components: the log parser and the publisher. The log parser interprets log files to extract job information. Specifically, it processes the batch system (PBS, LSF, SGE or Condor) event log files and the blahd/grid-jobmap accounting log files. Extracted data is stored within a local MySQL database. The log parser also makes LDAP queries of the CE to obtain the CPU performance figures for the worker node clusters.


Technology Provider
European Middleware Initiative

Supported Capabilities

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For support please create a ticket in GGUS (ggus.eu)
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